Jan 31, 2011

Sunsets: Nature-made and Handmade

After sharing the stunningly beautiful morning we had last week, I can't help but share the orange/pink/salmon/corral/yellow/red evening that we had just a couple of days ago, too. This photo is totally unedited - exactly how it came out of my camera. Nature makes the most amazing art!

Sure is hard to match. But, since I like all things handmade too, I thought I should add the best competition I've sound so far...this "wowza, amazing!" quilt by quilt artist Grace Errea (of course, the image is from her website, too - please go visit).

I think this one really speaks for itself, or at least it better because it just makes my mouth drop open in awe.

How's that for inspiration?!

Believe me, when I can put that sunset in a buckle, you all will be the first to know!


  1. wow I can't believe that is a quilt!

  2. Remarkable, isn't it. I just recently became a quilter thanks to my Mom and I love looking at art quilts. There are some great books a person can get from the library showcasing these talented artists, in case you want more.


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