Apr 3, 2011

A Different Craft - Quilt Preview

As you know - and probably a lot of you can relate - I like having my hands in more than one craft at a time. While most of my time might be about belt buckles, that doesn't mean I shouldn't fit in drawing, cards, jewelry, quilting, random crafts, and anything else that sounds intriguing and uses some creativity. In my temporary Seattle digs, I so far have a place for buckles (of course), sewing, and jewelry. I did just get a book on candle making, but I'm fairly certain that wax on someone's floors is not a good way to say "thanks for the accommodations!".

So, in a quick break from Belts & Buckles 101, here's a preview of my current quilting project.

Next, I'll chop off the ends of the rows and straighten things up. Then, I'm trying to decide whether to add a plain batik border before putting it all together. What do you think?


  1. Wow! This quilt is going to be a real beauty with or without a border! Though I think a plain, light colored border might make a nice contrast for all the colors and patterns. I'm so impressed Twila!

  2. I like your idea! I am trying to stick to using fabrics already on hand - so we'll see what comes of it...

  3. love it! i would love to get into quilting. how long did all of this take you so far?

  4. Elle - It has been so fun! I just got into quilting this fall after spending a week learning from my mom (maybe I'll write about that sometime!). This one has taken awhile because of all the triangles - lots of template cutting and sewing piece by piece. I started in Dec., completely neglected it when Wild Bear started, and just made some great progress last weekend. As my mom said - just a little sewing each day (or so :) ) really adds up. You should try it!


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