May 25, 2011

Belts & Buckles 101: The Right Size Belt

Belts & Buckles 101 has finally returned for a short installment! One common question for anyone ordering a belt is "what size??". The answer is not "whatever size your waist is". So here are some tips...

Keep in mind!
  • Belts usually come in even sizes - 30, 32, 34, 36 inches...
  • Err on the side of too big! If you get a belt that is a bit too big, you can take it to a leather/saddle/cobbler shop and have them punch in another hole. Or just do it yourself with a sharp knife, ice pick, or similar. But if your belt is too small, there's nothing to do but return or exchange it...bummer.
  • For a perfect fit, your buckle should attach to the center hole. (There are usually 5 holes in a belt.)

The very best method

If you already have a belt that you like to wear, it is best to use it to figure out your size...

1) lay your belt out flat

2) measure, in inches, from the hook, D-rings, snaps, etc. (basically, wherever your buckle holds onto the belt)

to the hole that you use (or whatever part of the belt "hooks" with the buckle)

I use the second hole from the left, or the scrumple-y bit of the fabric belt. Both of them are at about 32 that's my belt size!

3) the measurement you get is your belt size - that's it!

Other ways to do it

But perhaps you're buying a belt because you don't have one now. Here are a couple of tips...
  • If you are a guy or a girl who wears pants with a waist measurement in inches, the rule of thumb is to add 2 inches to that to get your belt size...  30 inch jean waste + 2 inches = 32 inch belt size. And remember, if you are not sure, choose the size up!
  • Try on your best friend's belt, check out the size, and just add or subtract the inches that you need for it to fit.

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