May 14, 2011

Quick Alter-Art Update

Just a quick note to say that my very first full size quilt is complete! It was a real adventure to do all of it - and especially the quilting. It wouldn't have been possible without some great instructions from my extremely talented mom. And she even answered the phone when I called for the 50th time in an hour - I was getting nervous for the quilting part. Thanks, Mom!

The whole enchilada...

And a couple details of the quilting. I used a simple free-form wave pattern - a great choice for my first try at quilting...

Now, just in case you want your very own amazing quilt, here's your chance. My fantastically talented mom made a stunning quilt that is being raffled off this year to support the Piecing Partners Quilt Guild, including their charity work with the Department of Human Services.

Here's a look at the quilt. It's actually quite big - 94"x93" - and it's called Domestic Drama. I've held this one in my own hands, and photos cannot do it justice, but here goes anyhow...

For just $1 a ticket, you can be entered to win it! So, if you want a few raffle tickets (I recommend it!), please just shoot me an email and I can put you in touch with the right folks.


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  1. Wow! Full-size! I can only imagine how long that took. It looks awesome! And yes, your mom is fantastically talented. WOW. : )


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